Coach Rafa Benitez said he wholesale roma jerseys for sale was not surprised by Ronaldo's impressive run.

''I know Cristiano Ronaldo's value and performance level,'' he said. ''He is the best in the world, and is showing that in games and every training session.''

Thanks in great part to Ronaldo, Real shop roma jerseys Madrid has outscored its opponents 15-0 in its first four wholesale roma jerseys free shipping games, three in the cheap roma jerseys online Spanish league, and the one in the Champions. But the defense has been just as great. It is the first time in Madrid's 113-year history that it has kept a clean sheet in its first four games of the season.

''This is only the beginning,'' Ronaldo said. ''La Liga and the Champions League are very long, and it is very early to say if we are impressive or if we are bad. We have to work hard, focus, be consistent, and then we will see what happens at the end of the season.''
''I'm very happy with the goals and the records,'' Ronaldo said. ''I get a sense of pride from being roma new jerseys 2015 in this position, but I have to mention the team, because the team has helped me so much.''

His teammates have been the ones praising him recently.

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