Reporter brad Turner, the clippers king and other teams are still in the pursuit of josh Smith, of trying to steal the western conference semifinals last season to help the rockets complete reversal of last season was the piston Smith laid off, Dwight Howard to good brothers, with a $2 million cheap Rudy Gay jerseys online two years to join the rockets exception to this rule. Because he worked for many years, the rockets have two choices, one is wholesale Rudy Gay jerseys using the Byrd terms and his contract, to give him $2.4 million annual salary, the other is to give him leave middle contract, will he leave.

Now the problem is, the rockets cheap Rudy Gay jerseys china also left the younger players KJ mike daniels, the 22-year-old player earns about $500000 last season, he is in rising now, potential is infinite, can't and rocket base salary contract. Rockets will leave him, and must be part of the middle, offered a salary of around 3 million for him. Thus, for josh contract amount is not more than 3 million.

Because the cause of the salary is too little, josh start to look for other teams offer, do not help the clippers in the background. Why the clippers coincided with? They at the time of signing Paul Pierce, has used up his own mini middle, now the payroll over the luxury tax trigger line, no cap space, they will get josh, can only open a base salary, amount is lower than the rocket.

The king the team also in the pursuit of josh, the king would give him to provide a backup power forward position. The king has the advantage that rajon rondo (weibo) and josh are good friends, rajon rondo was invited josh cheap Rudy Gay t-shirt joined the mavericks last season, and his cause. cheap Sacramento Kings Rudy Gay jerseys The king now there will be about $8 million salary cap space, can offer a good contract to josh. Stand in the Angle of the salary, the king take josh most likely. The weight.

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